10 Website to Download Presentation Templates for Free

10 Website to Download Presentation Templates for Free

Top 10 Website to Download Presentation Templates for Free

1. TemplatesWise

TemplatesWise.com is the best available resource for free PowerPoint backgrounds. It has a huge collection of free Presentation Templates that are constantly updated. It is also sorted in frequently searched categories which make it even simpler to find the best suited solution for you.
A Few of the Powerpoint backgrounds available at TemplatesWise can be seen below.
Template Wise FreeTemplate Wise FreeTemplate Wise Free

2. Free-Power-Point-templates

Free-Power-Point-Templates.com has a collection of more than 1000 Presentation templates and PowerPoint backgrounds available for free download. The best feature about this website is its search feature which provides accurate results to find the perfect Presentation template for you. And when you are viewing a particular template, related results are displayed for you to continue searching.
A few of the Presentation templates available at fppt.com can be seen below.
FPPT freeFPPT freeFPPT free

3. Pete’s PowerPoint Station

Pete’s PowerPoint Station is an amazing collection of free PowerPoint slides which have great educational content. Some of the very interesting categories available in this website are Health and Nutrition, Science, History and many more. If you are a teacher Pete’s PowerPoint Station is the website to visit.

4. PresentationFX

PresentationFX aims to provide 100% free Presentation Templates for student who are doing their project work and cannot afford expensive  backgrounds. And they are doing a wonderful job. Their collections are truly awesome and are very neatly sorted into frequently used categories.
A few of the Powerpoint templates and backgrounds available at PresentationFX can be seen below.
PresentationFX FreePresentationFX FreePresentationFX Free

5. PowerPointStyles

PowerPoint Styles has a very huge collection of Presentation templates that are updated weekly. These free presentation templates that are available at PowerPoint Styles are very different from the ones available at other free websites and make you comeback for more.
A few of the Powerpoint backgrounds available at PowerPoint Styles can be seen below.
PowerPoint Styles FreeTop 10 Free Presenation WebsitesPowerPoint Styles Free

6. BrianyBetty

Brainy Betty is a website full of resource for you  where you can downloaded it for free.  Apart from the themes and backgrounds the most interesting stuff on this website is the Flash Animations and Video Introductions.  So if you want to add some Flash Animation or Video Introduction to your slides, Brainy Betty is the place to visit.

7. Templatewide

TemplateWide.com is a project to provide free eye catching PowerPoint designs and backgrounds and presentation templates with most commonly used charts, graphs and diagrams in your slides. TemplateWide offers a not only a collection of PowerPoint backgrounds but also a collection of icons and graphics to go with the template which make your slide show attractive and interesting.
A few of the presentation templates available at TemplateWide can be seen below.
Template Wide FreeTemplate Wide FreeTemplate Wide Free

8. PresentationMagazine

PresentationMagazine is the most popular PowerPoint related website in the United Kingdom. Apart from their huge collection of Presentation Templates and PowerPoint backgrounds they also provide a lot of information on Public Speaking and tips for speeches at Weddings, Retirements etc.
A few of the sample presentation templates available at PresentationMagazine can be seen below.
Presentation Magazine FreePresentation Magazine FreeFree

9. M62

M62 is one of the leading presentation development companies in the world that provides some great backgrounds free of cost.  M62 also provides free download on various subjects for e.g. Supply Chain Stability, Balance Sheet etc. which you can download and customize with your own data and text.
A few of the samples available at M62 can be seen below.
M62 FreeM62 FreeM62 Free


FreePPTTemplates.com has a great collection of simple and efficient PowerPoint backgrounds. They are neatly sorted into commonly used categories which make it very easy to navigate through the website and search for the templates that you need.
A few of the samples available at FreePPTTemplates.com can be seen below.
Free PPTFree PPTFree PPT
This way we can build and create Killer Presentation for business meetings, project slide shows and Conference. You can also check out some excellent Powerpoint presentation templates, icons and graphics are available fordownload from here for reasonable price.

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